Familiar Faces

Date, Time & Location

Sunday, April 14, 2019
3:30pm (90 min. duration)

The Commons Nugent-Custer Performance Hall


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Program Summary

Featuring the Columbus Symphony’s own Concertmaster Phil Palermo and Music Director Josh Aerie performing Brahms’ Double Concerto, with a special guest conductor Andrew Lyon. Plus: Ginastera’s Estancia Suite, and Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 1 – “Classical”.


Symphony No. 1 – “Classical”

Program note by: Alex Farrar

Prokofiev’s “Classical” symphony (a nickname which Prokofiev named himself) is quite different from the rest of his oeuvre, conforming to a more contemporary style. This short, fifteen minute piece follows the classic sonata form, presenting a theme in a faster first movement, developing the theme in a slower middle movement, and recapitulating the theme in the allegro finale. Prokofiev’s main inspiration while writing this piece was Hayden, following his style of harmonic flow while still writing with his own twist, common to 20th century writing. The Second movement is written with elegance and wit, with stratospheric violins to allude to the athleticism in the first movement. The third movement, a particularly short movement, breaks away from the classic style of a sonata and borrows from French ballet with its gavotte. Prokofiev will later expand on the themes of this movement in his Romeo and Juliet. The final movement is a virtuosic movement written to show off the strong players in the orchestra.